Spectra 10K Hookless Synthetic Winch Rope – 87710S

Part # S/B87710S

Primary Features

  • Not Vehicle Specific
  • 10,000 lb. rating
  • 3/8 inches x 98 feet long
  • Design eliminates the need for shackles, hooks, or other accessories
  • Manufactured using 100% Spectra engineered fiber
  • 4-1/4 foot durable polyester sliding sleeve on the shackle end for improved abrasion resistence and wear protection
  • 16 ft heat resistant red braided sleeve protecting the end of the rope from abrasion and heat
  • Red braided sleeve provides visual indicator of the last 16ft of rope
  • Compatible with most winch applications
  • Upgrade to hookless winch rope with ease
  • Makes attaching line/set-up quicker and safer
  • California Residents: WARNING


Smittybilt introduces their all-new Hookless Winch Rope for the customer who has safety as a top priority. Trail recovery is unpredictable and rope breaks are inevitable, but with their new Hookless Winch Rope, Smittybilt reduces safety risk significantly by eliminating the weighted ballistics at the end of the rope. Smittybilt's hookless winch rope also provides maximum versatility, eliminating the need for additional shackles, hooks or other accessories and can be anchored to roll cages or steps easily, no need for a d-ring or other attachment.


Smittybilt offers extended warranties because we stand behind our products and want our customers to enjoy the freedom of off-roading without the worry and limits of fragile equipment. We understand the wear and tear these products will be subject to and our goal is to provide a comprehensive warranty to gives you confidence that the products you are outfitting your rig with will last for seasons to come. That’s the Smittybilt Advantage!

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