Rooftop Tents

Few things are more rewarding than overland camping in the backcountry with family and friends. Part of being self-sufficient on these trips is having portable, comfortable, and practical shelter. Smittybilt offers a vast array of rooftop tents that provide secure, spacious, above-ground sleeping quarters, allowing you to set up camp in places your ground tent never would have made it.

Among its latest products, the Gen2 Overlander Rooftop Tent is designed for the serious travelling adventurer, and sets up in minutes, delivering the right combination of comfort, convenience, and durability. The new Hard Shell Tent is a strong, low profile off-road shelter, providing high aerodynamics and a weatherproof shell. The Smittybilt series of Overlander Tents equips enthusiasts with all the features you need for the best, most rewarding camping experience.

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