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Our electric winches include all sorts of handy features, such as remote controls that allow you to run the rescue operation from any vantage point and powerful gear ratios that provide you with the strength needed to conquer any rescue operation. Add to that list some fantastic waterproofing ratings and complete installation kits, and you have yourself the best winches available on the market.

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Heavy Duty / Waterproof / Wireless Recovery

X20 Gen3 Winches

The X20 Gen3 winch sets the high-bar for heavy duty winch capability. Completely waterproof, with an IP68 rating, this winch is virtually impenetrable to dust, debris and moisture. The X20 is jam packed with features like wireless remote and USB connectivety making recovery faster and easier than ever. Optimized for maximum performance the X20 sports an industry best 7.0 HP motor that spools up to 25% faster and more effecienctly than its predecessors speeding up recovery and reducing the drain on your battery.


  • Waterproof, Dustproof IP68 Rating
  • Wireless Remote Controller with Flashlight
  • USB Charging Connectivity
  • Relocatable Control Box
  • 5 Year Electrical Warranty
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
Heavy Duty / Wired Recovery

XRC Gen3 Winches

Faster. Stronger. Easiest to Use. The XRC Gen3 winch has innovative new features, improved power efficiency and industry-best 7.0 HP motor that is 12% faster than its predecessor. The new Load Indicator Warning System, integrated lights and high-viz clutch lever are topped with Smittybilt’s best warranties and legendary customer service.


  • Water and Dust Resistant IP67 Rating
  • Wired Remote with Flashlight
  • Relocatable Control Box
  • 5 Year Electrical Warranty
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
Premium Forged Winch Accessories

Delta Series Recovery Accessories

Smitttybilt once again re-invents the recovery game with an all-new forged winch accessory offering. The all-new Forged Delta-Series D-ring, Winch Hook, and Snatch Block offer the latest designs using heavy-duty forged steel construction and E-coat exterior finish for use in the most extreme recovery scenarios.


  • Forged steel construction
  • Heavy duty weight ratings
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty

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