The Benefits of Smittybilt Jeep Tops

Jeep tops can last for a really long time, but eventually they're going to get ragged and worn out. That's where Smittybilt comes in. If you feel like the Jeep top you got from the manufacturer worked just fine, then you'll appreciate our replacement Jeep tops. Smittybilt focuses on giving you all the reliable quality of the original Jeep top, with just a few added perks, at an affordable price.

Smittybilt Jeep tops are made out of a fabric that is vinyl-coated and marine grade. This is important for a few reasons. First, it means you're going to get the same reliable type of fabric as the manufacturer's Jeep top. No matter how much you pull and tug at them, these Jeep tops are much more resistant to stretching, so they'll maintain their proper shape for a very long time. And during that long period of ownership, the sun's UV rays are going to do their best to make the top crack and fade, but they'll have a very tough time of it as Smittybilt Jeep tops are highly resilient against fading.

Getting into the nitty gritty construction, all Smittybilt Jeep tops use an incredibly high quality thread unlike most other manufacturers, and all the seams are heat sealed. With such strong threading and seals used to mold the Jeep top together, any leaking will be a thing of the past.

But it's not just about reliability with Smittybilt – it's about comfort and providing options, and Smittybilt knows that windows can be a huge factor. The quality of all the windows is top notch with self-correcting zippers on the rear windows, which means no more worrying about zippers jamming or getting stuck. But even better, the Jeep tops have windows that can be completely unzipped and removed to provide an incredible cross-breeze and open air experience. You can just store them away until the next time you need them, and they'll zip right back on.

Possibly the best part is that they are designed specifically as replacement Jeep tops for the original manufacturer Jeep tops, so you don't have to buy any new hardware! Just slide the new Jeep top over the OEM hardware and voila – you're good to go with minimal installation. With all of these great bonus features, Smittybilt Jeep tops will give you the easiest and most cost-effective transition from your original manufacturer's Jeep top.