The Benefits of Upgrading to a // Jeep Soft Top

With a lifespan of about 3-5 years, Jeep soft tops are something you're inevitably going to have to replace. Your factory Jeep top probably worked fine, but when it gets all ratted and worn out, consider upgrading to a soft top that will offer better quality and more options. // replacement Jeep soft tops offer a number of benefits that you won't get with a factory top.

Stronger Fabric
Any factory Jeep soft top is going to be made out of pretty basic material, which means that it's going to deteriorate much faster than it has to. // tops are made of vinyl coated fabric that is similar to OEM tops in style, but provides much more strength. It's actually marine grade fabric; if it's good enough for the marines to rely on, then it's certainly strong enoug h to handle your daily driving. Not only does this mean it will be more resistant to tearing and puncture, but it will also fade and stretch less over time, ultimately lengthening the life of the Jeep soft top.

More Weather Resistance
One of the most common complaints of Jeep soft tops is that small openings in the fabric leave room for wind and water to get in and cause annoyance as well as damage. // combats this issue in two ways. First of all, they use an extremely high quality thread to bind the top together; no other manufacturer uses this high quality of a thread. It may seem like a minor detail, but this ensures that the thread won't stretch out and leave gaps where the fabric should be tightly sealed. On top of that, the seams are then heat-sealed to make sure that no water is going to be wiggling its way through. With a // Jeep soft top, worrying about errant air and water will be a thing of the past.

Improved Windows
Most people who buy a Jeep want to take advantage of that open air driving experience. While having a Jeep soft top is a must for certain environments, you don't want to lose that refreshing burst of air, which makes window options one of the most important factors of the soft top. // offers better performing windows and more options than ever before. A broken zipper can wreak havoc on your windows, but // has added self-correcting zippers that will allow them to run smoother and longer, allowing you to fully utilize your windows. Plus, they're DOT approved and they can completely zip out so you can get whatever level of ventilation you prefer.

Simple Replacement
If you upgrade to a fancier Jeep soft top, you'll get some additional features but you'll also get a more difficult installation, including new hardware, and a higher price tag. One of the biggest benefits of // Jeep soft tops is that they're a direct replacement for the factory top, which means it will slide right over the OE hardware and you'll be ready to go in a matter of minutes. You'll get the least amount of hassle while still getting some of the extra features that didn't come with the factory top, all at a reasonable price.

It isn't difficult to see that // Jeep soft tops offer a lot of benefits over factory Jeep tops. Give yourself both comfort and economy when you choose //