4 Ways Hard Jeep Tops Make Your Life Easier

We are always looking for ways to simplify our lives. It used to be that a phone was only good for making calls, but now you can text, check your email, download music, and look up directions all on the same device. Don't you want that same kind of simplicity with your Jeep?

They may not be fancy gadgets, but Jeep tops will probably come in handier than you realize. If you're trying to decide whether hard or soft Smittybilt Jeep tops are the ones for you, consider the following 4 ways that hard Jeep tops will make your life that much easier.

Superior Protection
It's a pretty well-known fact that hard Jeep tops are made of a denser, thicker, and overall stronger material than soft tops. But how exactly does that affect your driving experience? First of all, you'll get enhanced security. Since the material is more difficult to penetrate, it will be more of a deterrent to theft than soft Jeep tops, which use much flimsier material. It also protects you from rain, snow, wind, and any other harsh weather that comes your way. Not only will this keep you from getting soaked while you're driving, but it will also shield the interior of your Jeep from detrimental water damage. You can even find hard Jeep tops with rain drip-rails that will channel the water away from the vehicle, so it doesn't build up and prematurely deteriorate the Jeep top.

Better Insulation
It's not just the thicker material that provides better insulation; most hard Jeep tops come with some kind of soft headliner on the inside, which also helps to provide improved insulation. You'll be amazed at how much this impacts your comfort level while driving. With these Jeep tops you'll minimize road noise for a much quieter ride, as opposed to soft Jeep tops which have a tendency to flap in the wind and create a lot of extra noise. Plus, better insulation means more temperature control. There will be a stronger barrier between yourself and both hot and cold temperatures. And if you feel like you're missing that open air feeling in colder months, rear vents can provide some fresh air to help you get through the winter.

Improved Visibility Since Jeep tops tend to be rather large and solid, obviously they alone do not improve your visibility, especially when going from a completely open vehicle to one that's closed in. But when you compare the hard tops to the soft tops, you get much better options with the hard tops that will then, in turn, improve visibility. For example, with hard Jeep tops you can use tinted glass in your windows, which will minimize glare and make it easier for you to see. This also has the added benefit of reducing any interior fading due to sun exposure. You can even install rear defrosters with hard Jeep tops, which will make it so much easier for you to see out of your rear window on those frosty mornings.

Extra Storage Jeep soft tops are far too lightweight to support much in the way of extra storage. Maybe you'll get a couple of mesh pockets, but that's about it. But since hard Jeep tops are made of a stronger material, they can hold up to a lot more weight. This showcases itself in two ways. On the inside, you can have more storage pockets that can support heavier items. Then, when you head outside, you can install a roof rack onto the Jeep top and transport extra cargo there.

The beauty about all of these features is that, eventually, you won't even think about them. Once you start taking them for granted, you can truly appreciate how hard Jeep tops have made your life easier.